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  1. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    "I wish you would just stop making things up so that our family can finally move on. Get some peace." First off, why would I make sh*t like that up? and second, maybe.... just maybe I would like to have some peace for myself.
  2. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    I know that this thread is about invalidation, and most of the time that's all I get from people. But, I did get an exceptional comment from an exceptional person and I thought you all would enjoy. She asked me about the abuse in a round-about way and I admitted to it. And then she said: "That f*cker needs to DIE!!!! I. Will. KILL. HIM!!!!!!!" .... yes, she is my favorite person. Ever.
  3. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I let myself cry. It was much needed.
  4. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    "You know you wanted it. If you didn't it wouldn't have happened."
  5. I'm New

    Hey, my name is Addie! We have a lot of things in common... I LOVE theater!! and I sing, play piano, violin, bass, guitar, and several other instruments. I take really long walks with my dog Payton everyday. And I love to write... not necessarily about anything just journaling or whatever poetry seems to come out of my mind randomly. And I read all the time. So, anyway... welcome!!! I hope this site helps you as much as it has me. Even when I couldn't be post here, or rather didn't feel safe posting, I was still able to sign in and read. It helps knowing that I'm not the only one going through this stuff.
  6. Hi To All

    In my experince, most abusers say that no one will believe you in hope that you won't say anything. So, just know that I'm here to listen if you need someone to talk to. I'm a good listener and I will always belive you. Feel free to pm me any time.
  7. "after Silence"

    After silence means realizing that I have a voice. And I am more than the abuse that defined me for so long. I am... I have survived.
  8. Hi.

    thanks [=
  9. Hi.

    O.k., so I'm new [obviously].... and I just wanted to be able to *talk* with people who understand.