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    Help in Siena Help in Florence Help in Arezzo Links for other towns
  2. Good luck!!! What you're doing is wonderful.
  3. I'm still having -1 New Messages also after the upgrading.... Am I the only one?
  4. I love your idea Teazle!!!!!!! I really love it... :throb: :throb:
  5. Hi Sober02, welcome to As. Best wishes for your healing process. Take care of yourself. Saraelettra
  6. Welcome to AS, BluestJewel. Here you'll find a lot of support and I think you'll deal with all your matter and find the way of healing. I wish you a lot of courage. Take care of yourself.
  7. Good evening to everybody. I'm saraelettra and I've just found you. I hope to find some support here. Saraelettra
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