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  1. Welcome to AS. I am glad that you are here to stay!! I have found that the people here are wonderful and always here for you. I am going through some tough healing too and know how helpful this place can be. I am not in a position to give right now but when I am able to I'll be happy to help as much as others here Take care of yourself. iammy
  2. Thank you all for the welcome. IamI
  3. I am new here and I am glad that you found this support. I think it is hard to work through things with family too. I told my husband yesterday that I feel like a broken record. Take care Iammy
  4. Hi Reenie, I am glad that you found this place. I am new here and tried to post about a week ago (I think) and forgot that I found AS. Thank goodness for notes I leave for myself. I am going through the same thing. I just can't figure out my ages. I too have the events screaming at me. I can't see them as truth yet though. I ask myself how could I forget some of those things when I remember other details so vividly. I hope that you find the strength/encouragement/support you need to take your next steps to healing. Iammy
  5. Enola, I totally understand the glue on the outside and the butter on the inside. (holding it together verses slipping all over the place) I am new here and a little afraid to post but reading other people's welcomes already helps me feel not so alone in trying to keep it together. I am glad that you have a counselor that you are willing to try with. Iammy
  6. I am not really sure what to say as in intro. I am a 31 year old female. I thought I had dealt with this and was okay. I realized that I never really dealt with it because I don't know how so I just push it away. I have had some memories surface. I would say resurface but I don't remember them the first time around. I am going to therapy down to once a week. I now have a name for what I have been going through and it is called PTSD and DID. Mostly the latter. I never associated any of my current difficulties with what happened but I guess they are related; which, is a little easier
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