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  1. sarah47

    Feeling Down

    Hi Kmiller, I know exactly how you feel, writing about it will really does help. Also Therapy takes a while, it gets worse before it gets better. Make sure that is the right therapist for you though, I have been through a few different ones and finally found one I liked about a year ago. My experience with therapy, just what I have found, was that my therapist waited until I was completely comfortable and trusted her before we got into the memories. At first, we just dealt with the random triggers and negative thoughts. Its great that your boyfriend is so open to hearing about your th
  2. Good Luck with everything!! Your story is very close to mine and I really admire your courage. I hope that everything works out. You really should report him to the police. Also I cut my father out of my life, it wasn't easy either but I am a lot happier because of it.
  3. sarah47

    Refusing to be sad

    I refuse to be sad even though everything isn’t going as planned I refuse to be sad even when my life feels like its slipping out of my hands I refuse to be sad when I am feeling mad I refuse to be sad for what he has done to me I refuse to be sad even though I want to give up and die I refuse to be sad even when I am feeling completely alone I refuse to be sad even when I feel rejected I refuse to be sad that I am not happy with my own body I refuse to be sad I look in the mirror and see an empty soul I
  4. sarah47

    The Beginning

    Thank you so much for your comment and I am so sorry to hear about your experience glad you're able to stop put a stop to it
  5. sarah47

    The Beginning

    To start I should explain what made me want to open up and write this blog. I am in college, business major and decided to take a class called Family Stress and Coping. As you can imagine it is very different from my business classes. My therapist agreed it could be beneficial and it felt right to take a class that might actually help in my private life. It started off okay, but now the teacher wants us to right a case study about our family. The professor went through the whole class allowing everyone to tell a stressor in their life, most were about their families, it was extremely triggerin
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