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  1. Super bummed I couldn't put this in pm but I'm hoping this picture of my ween can cheer you up a bit haha this is Casey :P 


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    2. Iheartcupcakes


      Thank you, TM. Mama (me, LOL) sure loves her baby :throb:

    3. tm2566


      Rightfully so :P 

    4. Whisper


      Actually, the first one is a lovely photo of you. You look relaxed, happy, and at peace.

  2. Thank you Mandy for everything. I really appreciate it.
  3. I know what happened to me could of been a lot worse but I just don't know if I have the right to be upset and still be affected by it.
  4. Thank you all for the kind words and support.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here and am just looking for some good advice and possible support
  6. This is my first time posting but just wanted to say hello and I'm so glad this site exists
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