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  1. LeahA


    Hello Rebs, was good talking with you. I hope you're doing okay today, take it slow. I'm here if you need to talk about things. Take Care
  2. Hello, I relate to your post also, thank you for sharing it with us. "Rape stole my trust in myself." I think this is the hardest for me. To not feel safe within my own decisions is the hardest part. It leaves me frozen, unable to decide things because I must've made the wrong choices before. I have to still work on rebuilding my own trust, with time..we can do it.
  3. LeahA

    Getting Through

    I hate how much pressure the holidays can put on us to act happy. Most of my family doesn't know so I try acting the same as I used to, for their sake. I think most people just don't understand that even if they think their hug is comforting and helping, it just seems abrasive and traumatic. It's frustrating that they did not listen when you asked them not to touch you. But they might be thinking that they're showing support or helping in some way. I hope you can find something to help distract yourself. I'm still trying too, it's hard not getting lost in my thoughts and confusion. H
  4. LeahA

    I Found A Trigger.

    Finding new triggers can be scary, not knowing when they'll pop up. It's great he is so supportive and understanding of the process.
  5. LeahA

    Zombie Days

    Today was really hard. It's hard going to work everyday and acting like I have everything together. I feel like a zombie walking around with no feeling. I've pushed my boyfriend away so much that we aren't even together. I am staying here because I have nowhere else to go yet. I'm trying to find my own place and will leave soon. I just feel like shit, he even said go have christmas with your family. I would but they aren't here. I feel like I literally have no one and I'm just hanging on by a thread. I just want to be better, back to my old self. I wish I couldn't remember anything. I w
  6. LeahA


    Thank you so much for posting this.
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