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  1. ladyphlox


    Welcome, kittylover I hope you feel welcomed here and the support I feel here. It is simply nice to have immediate access to people who can offer compassion or to have a place to put all my thoughts in;to grieve and to be free again. On a lighter note, I love kitties too and I have two of them. One is calico and the other a blonde or buff tabby. Welcome again, kittylover.
  2. Activist Ally-- thank you for the welcome. It feels good to know that other people feel the same way and that we are not alone. Thank you.
  3. I love this one seamonkey! Thank you.My words: I know what you did. I don't owe you anything. You took away my innocence. I reclaim my power now.
  4. Thank you, everyone for the warm welcome and praise. I am feeling proud of myself and I am motivated help myself and slowly share my story with others to bring hope to the world. It feels good that I am inspiring others. Thank you again.
  5. Mary, I am already browsing threads and I can see inspiration at every corner! Thank you for the warm welcome and the tips!
  6. I am a 26 year old female who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I thought everything was okay because I graduated college and now have a rewarding career but things still were not right. There are many things that aren't right. The trauma has impacted my life more than I even knew until recently. What began my journey to empowerment was the fact that most of my relationships were unstable. Every type of relationship, whether it was a family member, friend, coworker and especially my relationship with myself lacked intimacy, was superficial and empty. I knew I had to start with myself to really work out my relationships. Now, I am finally unraveling who I am and I am finally listening to my inner self. My healing process is in motion now. Some of things I have done so far is to increase my spirituality and to practice yoga. I am interested in Buddhism, especially mindfulness meditation and Christianity. I am not very religious but I use aspects and themes behind these religions to bring hope, strength and trust with myself and the world. After practicing mindfulness and yoga, I then wanted to dig even deeper into what was bothering me. I am seeing a therapist right now about once every 2-weeks. I have had about 5-6 sessions already. I have told a small amount of people about the abuse I suffered and every time I tell or address the pain...I feel freedom. I know my journey to empowerment must go slow and steady. I expect that I may have times where I cannot be vigilant during recovery. I hope this forum would be another safe place I can reach out to when I need support and guidance; a sense of belonging. I grateful to have access to this kind of support. PS. I have never, ever participated in a forum so if I am not using good forum etiquette or if there is any tips, please let me know!
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