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  1. do therapist helped to lessen the triggers,do you take medicine to puts you to sleep?I'm planning seek their help as well,just want to know if its worth it before spending a lot of money for their advises.
  2. everything is gonna be alright..just treasure the people around you who makes you feel great..
  3. iyaaguilar


    I also feel that way,the stutter effect when its triggerring,cant explain the anxiousness to others.its so random.
  4. Please help yourself to survived those burdens.please.
  5. iyaaguilar


    Tell to anyone you trust the most.help yourself.
  6. It was my uncle,started on i was in grade 3 to 2ndyear high school(approximately). He kisses ( agressively) and touches me everytime no one is around(he thinks),i push him away from me but he's too strong,his weight is dragging me down(i felt futile on those times). And my granma whose living with us ,i always believe that she knew what is happening but she didnt do anything instead she's calling me names like "sumayot"(flirt in english). Its more that ten years,the hatred,disgust AND DESPISE It becomes more deeper but i managed to be kind ,good and respectful to him whenever he visits. No on
  7. iyaaguilar

    Living In The Past..

    Did someone knew?did you seek help?please help yourself talk to someone you dont deserve those kind of nightmares and burdens
  8. Confess to someone you trust.Please,help yourself.You know that you dont deserve that kind of burden.please.
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