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    Soap making, Anime, reading, old movies, games (board and video) and my pets :)

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  1. Thank you I have 3 cats myself (and 2 dogs... I have a problem lol) They love fabric toys I bet your cats have a blast playing with the toys made with love.
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcomes. I am happy I have found this site... I feel a little less alone ...ya know? I am going to keep trying to move forward (which is not easy as you all know) But I am happy for the support as well as to support others
  3. Hello All! My name is Lilith (that is what I call myself inside my head) I am married to a wonderful guy (super supportive and totally lost on how to help me). I used to paint and make jewelry and crafts were my thing. Then I started to remember.... and I shut down ( I didn't even want to hug my husband for almost a year... did I mention he is awesome? He understood.) One day at work someone brought me some melt and pour soap they had made. It was awesome. It was orange and smelled wonderful. ... It hit me like a truck.... I can make this.... I NEED to make this.... I poured myself into soap
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