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  1. hay friend how are you doing?? its been a long time I just popped in here to see whats going on and I see you :D Wow things have really changed!! a wife !! and kids ... congrats .... Guess what I got a new job I started 3 weeks ago. email me some time ... mingo
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    hello and welcome I hope taht you find hopw and healing here
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    Im Back

    Hay all, its Mingo... Im back... I disapeared for a while but now Im back.... I was around years ago but I got deleted when I disapeared. I have had a ton of stuff happen in my life... I am now divorsed I have been divorsed for a year and a half. I am back to seeing my Therapist again. She did not want to see me again because I was seeing someone else for therapy but when I explaned to her that it was touch therapy.. and not talk she relented and I got my T back!! My cat died June of 06, he had a heart attack at the vets office,. and they were unable to revive him. I have a
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