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  1. Having the courage to find this site and make the first post is a great first step.
  2. We are always here to listen
  3. Embrace your past, it's what made you who you are.
  4. The best thing to do is focus on you. you got this
  5. Just remember, you're not alone and it will be okay 💙
  6. arielg


    Are these ten posts to any forum or just ten replies? Thanks you guys
  7. Hi, I'm from Ohio too! I'm here if you ever need to talk. Who knows .. We may be neighbors ! You got this. You're strong.
  8. arielg


    Hi, My name is Ariel. I'm from a small town in Ohio. I have a cat whom I love very much. I recently just graduated college with an associates in law enforcement. I currently work as a manager at a fast food restaurant while filling out applications and waiting for an academy to start. Things I like to do in my spare time are going to the gym, one on one boxing lessons, and just lounging on my couch with an entire pizza and Netflix. .. I guess I'm here for the same reason we all are .. I have had a traumatic experience growing up .. I won't get too much into it because this isn't the forum for it, but basically just compare my childhood to the book "The Child Called It".. My question is, how do you get a password for the "share your story" forum? .. I look forward to getting to know all of you. . It's nice not to feel so alone, though I don't wish these feelings upon any of you. I hope everyone has a great day. And remember, You are a survivor.
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