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  1. Caslynn77


    Thank you for your suggestions. I really like the one about having a stone with something written on it.
  2. Caslynn77


    wondering what you guys do to bring yourself out of a dissociative event. When I get triggered, I will start to feel warm and tingly all over, sounds are distant along with my vision, I cannot talk. I start feeling myself trying to be very small. If my husband tries to talk with me, if I can talk and formulate an answer, I stutter badly. This is one reason I stopped therapy, because all I would do is sit on the couch and stare at the therapist and stutter. Help! I want to get better, but the five year old in me won't let me!
  3. Prayers are with you. Hope you find a way to go after your rapists.
  4. Caslynn77


    I know how you feel. I don't have nightmares, but if my husband approaches me sexually, a lot of the time I will dissociate and revert to a five year old mute. Unable to talk, almost tunnel vision and tingling all over my body. I HATE seeing the despair, hurt and anger in his eyes. Thirty six years of marriage to a wonderful man, and I freeze up still. It has been fifty years since my abuse, very little of what my mind will allow me to remember, and I still can't let go. I don't have a choice, my subconscious won't release me. I hate it! What our abusers did to us will remain with us in one
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