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  1. Hi, Rapha.

    I saw your post, and I just wanted to know if you needed to talk about this feeling of feeling filthy that you have? I'm not saying this because I need to talk or anything myself, but because I want to offer you someone who will listen

    1. Stephenjames


      Thank you Eivind very kind.

  2. Hi, Annie! 

    Please check your inbox^^ 

  3. I tried to leave you a PM and cannot. 

    1. Eivind89


      Hi, Annie! 

      My inbox was full, but it's okay now. You're free to send me a PM if you'd like

    2. Annie7
  4. Hi, I'm working for a christian crisis organization located in Norway. I want to offer you someone to talk to, and who will listen to you, if you're struggling. I'm here for you. Yours, Eivind

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