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  1. Hi Donnie, welcome! i'm so sorry about what happened to you. I hope i can be of help, Love, Daniela.
  2. mariposa


    Welcome PaigE! wow, your mom is very lucky to have you! I hope reading our stories help you. , Daniela.
  3. mariposa


    Welcome, Jen! , Daniela.
  4. mariposa


    Welcome aftergloom! i'm so happy you've found us, i hope you can find all the support and love you need here,
  5. Welcome, Scarlet! i'm sorry you have reasons to be here. i'm glad that you have found such an amazing place and amazing people. Take your time to figure things out, good luck! Daniela.
  6. Welcome! you'll never regret having come here! this place is full of understanding and caring people,
  7. Hi Jaida, welcome! and congratulations on being so brave just want you to remember that all of us here are going through the same things you are going through, and are willing to be there for each other. Please don't feel pressured to post, i understand how hard it can be. Take your time, read other's posts and you'll know when you are ready to do what you need to do.
  8. Hi Amber, Welcome! we are so happy to have you here with us (not about the reason, though). Being nervous about this is completely understandable, don't worry about that. I'd suggest reading other people's posts and you'll eventually get more comfortable posting too. That doesn't mean that you'll immeditely be ready to tell your own story, and that isn't a problem either. Nobody is here to push you to do anything, we are here to support you. We are all going through the same thing, some of us are a little ahead in the healing process and some of us are at other stages. You'll soon realize th
  9. Welcome Lucy! hope i can help you feel better! we are here to support you, ok?
  10. Hi Dan, welcome! we are all here to support you in anything you need,
  11. mariposa


    Hi Lola, welcome! we are happy to have you here. Feel free to read the posts and maybe share your story whenever you are ready,
  12. Tangledmind, i'm so sorry this happened to you. You are not messed up, and i believe you. What happened to you is a horrible thing and whatever you were wearing wouldn't have made a difference in the presence of the horrible person who did this to you. You did the right thing by contacting the police, that was very brave. I understand how sad you are and i'm here to support you, Please e-mail me if you feel like it. PS: You are so lucky to have your husband on your side.
  13. Hi!!!! so happy to hear from you again! welcome and take your time, we are all here to support you whether you are posting or just reading.
  14. Lindsay: that's unbelievable!!!!! where did that person get her degree??? and even worse, did she grow up in the middle of the jungle? how the hell could she have such little compassion?...that's just plain wrong...especially from someone who is supposed to be a professional who knows what you are going through, etc. PS: no offense to the jungle people here
  15. Welcome! i'm sorry for your pain, and i congratulate you on your bravery for coming here! Hope i can get to know you better.
  16. Hi SLG, just being able to find and read the posts in this website shows that you are very brave. Don't worry if you are not yet ready to share, it's normal, what's happened to us is very personal and feeling safe and being able to trust are major things we need before we are able to share our stories. I encourage you to keep coming back, reading and 'getting to know us.' Everybody here is able to see you by who you really are behind all that pain, and i'm sure we (you and us) would benefit very much from each other's.
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