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  1. Lynn, you are very welcome here Daniela.
  2. Welcome Angela and tiggeranpooh! Daniela.
  3. Hi, welcome to the board. I'm really sorry you've had to go through so much to be here, but i'm really glad you found us. This is an amazing place full of amazing people I guess you already know the answer to your question, but, of course, if it was so easy to make that decision you wouldn't be asking us, right? It's taken me a long time to realize it and to be honest i'm still struggling with it: the first and only (unless you have kids) person you need to take care of right now is YOURSELF. You know deep down that you are living in an extremely dangerous situation, that you could basical
  4. It's great to see you are back! post a pic of your new baby anytime! Daniela.
  5. mariposa

    I Am New

    Welcome, wounded_raven! it's ok to feel scared and uncomfortable, don't worry. As Betty said, there's no rush, so take your time. Daniela.
  6. Hi Fragile_Heart, i'm glad to hear you aren't having any more problems with the site. I know how frustrating that can be. Anyway, glad to hear you are ok and welcome one again, Daniela.
  7. Welcome! i'm sorry that you have to be here, but i'm really glad you found us. This is an amazing place, Daniela.
  8. Welcome, Butterfly! i'm a butterfly too, but in spanish Glad you've found this amazing place. Daniela. PS: i love your signature!!!
  9. mariposa


    Welcome, Mouseisa! don't worry about saying the right thing, this is a place full of understanding people, and as long as what you say is out of love/concern you'll be ok. Daniela.
  10. mariposa


    Welcome, Fiery_Faerie! you'll find great people here! Daniela.
  11. mariposa


    Welcome! you'll meet wonderful people here. Daniela.
  12. mariposa

    Hi I'm New

    Welcome, Eclipse! Daniela.
  13. mariposa

    I Am New

    Welcome, Valeriekq! i'm sorry about your pain, hopefully i can be of some help. You've come to the right place! Daniela.
  14. Welcome! my name is Daniela too! i don't meet people with the same name very often, i'm so happy!!! you'll find a great group of people here, everybody is very supportive and kind. Daniela.
  15. Welcome, Storm! you've come to the right place, take your time and you'll find out how safe and beautiful his place is. Daniela.
  16. mariposa


    Welcome Rowan! we're here for you! Daniela.
  17. mariposa


    Welcome Saz! we are happy to have you here, Daniela.
  18. mariposa

    New Person

    Welcome Brie!!! it took a lot of guts to post this, so Congratulations! i hope you can find here what you need (i'm sure you will, this is an amazing place!) Daniela.
  19. Linds, welcome to AS! i'm so sorry you have to be going through this, but you are strong, please never forget that. Wishing you the best, Daniela.
  20. mariposa

    New Here

    Welcome! Daniela.
  21. mariposa


    Welcome, moonfrog! i'm sorry about your pain, i hope i can be of some help. Daniela.
  22. mariposa

    New Also

    another butterfly!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy! Welcome pink, i hope i can be of some help, wish you the best in this journey, , Daniela.
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