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  1. Welcome Barbara you are not alone anymore, this is a beautiful family. Daniela.
  2. Welcome Natisha Daniela.
  3. mariposa


    Welcome Amber! Daniela.
  4. :hug:Welcome Please take your time, there's no rush. We'll be here for you when you are ready, Daniela.
  5. mariposa


    I'm sorry about your computer... Hope to have you back soon, Daniela.
  6. Welcome to AS Hope things get better soon, Daniela.
  7. I hope you are ok Daniela.
  8. Welcome Stefanie! Daniela.
  9. Hi I'm glad you've been able to take this step! Daniela.
  10. mariposa

    New Member

    Welcome Taylor! if you need any help with the boards you can write to me or post the question. You are not alone! Daniela.
  11. Welcome hopefully you'll find this place as safe as i have. Daniela.
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