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  1. Welcome WarChild! how courageous of you to take this step! Can't wait to get to know you better, Daniela.
  2. ruthie girl, if you don't mind, i'd also like to welcome all the newbies since i've been gone for a while. Daniela.
  3. Welcome you are not alone in all this, Daniela.
  4. Alex i've been wondering about you for a while, and missing you too. I'm so sorry you've been through such rough times. I hope things get better, Daniela.
  5. Welcome to AS Daniela.
  6. Hi, i've seen some people are contributing members, what does that mean? Is that why some people's names appear green in the user's list? I'm just being nosey Daniela.
  7. mariposa


    Welcome Christy Daniela.
  8. CBSEEKER Welcome to AS, Daniela.
  9. Welcome Crystal! Daniela.
  10. mariposa


    Welcome Renne! what a beautiful person you are... Daniela.
  11. Hi Jyo, welcome to AS it sounds like you are working very hard on your healing, congrats for that feel free to post as much as you want, i think the idea of practicing here first is one a lot of us can relate to. Daniela.
  12. Welcome Leigh! Congrats on taking such a huge step! Daniela.
  13. Hi Leslie! welcome to AS Daniela.
  14. Welcome Bonnie! Daniela.
  15. mariposa


    Welcome! Daniela.
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