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  1. I've had, unfortunately a few different things happen to me. One was SA by my boyfriend. I called the police and tried to report it. They laughed at me after they interviewed him about the incident. I was never so humiliated in my life. I went to a shelter and was encouraged to report it again. The police department actually sent the same officer that I dealt with the first time. I never reported anything again. My experience with the police was humiliating and excruciating. I cannot speak for the officers in your area. I would hope that they would take the situation a lot more seriously than the ones that dealt with me. In another incident I went to the hospital (same city) and had a rape exam done. The hospital staff were wonderful and made the experience ok but they were required to call the police and again I was treated like crap. I cried and cried. Didn't leave my home for weeks. If the police cannot help, where do you turn? I knew that I had no one and no where to go. It was awful that those that are paid to serve and protect treated me like a liar and a criminal. Never again will I involve the police.
  2. You're now where you belong! (This past year he went to prison for doing to another woman what he did to me. I can't believe she had the courage to put him there. I wish it would have been me.)
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