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  1. Hey There

    Wow it's been a long time since I was on this site. I honestly forgot I had an account. So I think I'm going to start over introducing myself again. My name is Elle, and I've recently been going back to therapy again, so I was hoping to find some support here as I finally start telling my family about the abuse I dealt with when I was younger. I'm getting married in a year and a half or so, so I feel like it's time I tell them before I end up having to face my abuser as a wedding guest of obligation. Hopefully being here will help bolster me through telling people before then.
  2. Greeting

    Thank you so much, Terra! It's nice to meet you! Tumblr is where I first found out that there were forums for this kind of thing, actually, Louise. Thank you for welcoming me, I'm glad to see that this does help some people. And hugs are totally okay with me, Reglois, thank you!
  3. Greeting

    I lived in Michigan for a long time, actually! I had family up there, I'm only recently moved to Ohio. I'm glad I'm here, thank you!
  4. Greeting

    Hey there. I'm Muse, I'm 23 and from Ohio. I found this forum through Google, I was really happy to find it, because I was looking for somewhere to talk to people who've been through similar things. I used to try and find people to talk with on Tumblr, but it didn't do me much good, so here I am. Thanks for letting me join!