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  1. Well, an update to my last post.... my mom recently found out what my stepdad was doing from his searches 'how to convince your stepdaughter to have sex' 'how to seduce your stepdaughter' i am now staying at my aunts while things get sorted out and he moves out.. thats only halfway to being free.. i still have to get over the tramatization.. the fears... the nightmares... the horrible thoughts... halfway there.
  2. it is yeah. it was and is still definitely hard to relive it... thank you so much.. yeah i dont like it either, specially since hes someone im suppose to trust... i am 16 and have 2 years left till i can move out and get away without ruining a family...
  3. it does and the sad part is that its not something everyone just knows. it took alot of courage to tell my boyfriend about her. hes very understanding and always wants to know more
  4. thanks i hear that alot, it wasnt my time or that was gods way of saying we werent ready.
  5. This site overlooking peoples posts has been super relatable. i dont want to just throw my whole story out there but you know. no one on here really knows who i am.... You ever like had something bad to you and you know you do the right thing and tell someone and they make you seem crazy.. so after months go by your only resource is for you boyfriend to save you..my story is all sorts of everywhere. when i was about 11 i started crushing on this boy i had class with. we didnt original start dating till about 13-14. we had knowin eachother for about 3 years and we officially become a couple but
  6. this morning has been the most stressful crying filled morning the whole last month has been such a life killer that i question life.

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