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  1. hey all!! thankyou sooo much for all your kind words and for welcoming me here!! ((Connyx)) hi!! yep ive finally left school, feels kinda weird but in a good way!, im going to do a-levels, there like another two years of study!but in college so much better fingers crosses xx ((Emma)) yay!! i fellow brit!! im from the east midlands ok so thankyou again1 hugs xxx
  2. hey new here, god this is all so scary! ok so im from England, im 16 and leaving school in hmmmm..... 2 days!yay!!1 so i guess my occupation would be a very hardworking student dont really know what else to say except for hello everybody! im hoping that the reason im here is not for what i think might have happened to me when i was younger, my question in the aftamath section. but only to chat to people.hmmmmmm....ok im trying not too get too serious as you can tell by my lighthearted jokes this is just all new to me thats all. ok cheers for looking and oh yeh my names Lana thankyou xxx
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