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  1. I feel all I do on here is vent but that's what this site is all about trying to reach out for help but I don't know what else to do i have to schedule a few appointments an ob I have not gone in almost 2 years due to the attack and i am really scared i don't want anyone down there i am freaking out also i have to see a new therapist the other one that the government gave me was not working and i am just freaking out it doesn't help that i had a trigger going out in public for the first time alone how can i think that talking to a stranger about this will help sorry that this is all i do i just can't handle this alone soon will be the anniversary of that bad day i seem to be crying more get more panic attacks and im on here more hoping to talk to someone that has been stronger and gotten alot better i dont feel alone but i don't want to have to berdon my mom or my boyfriend even tho they are more than supportive and talk to me  but i feel like i am hurting them in the process i know my step dad cries when he thinks about it i dont want them to be sad anymore    

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    2. Nightdominia


      Trust me, I totally understand. I've been dealing with my Anniversary of the sexual abuse starting myself. Not an easy thing since it was my dad who was my abuser. My mother is an abuser of sorts, though she'd never acknowledge anything she's done since she never left a physical mark. She's been pushy of late (Will spare you the whole co-dependency and mental illness BS) which stresses me out. So yes, there's been a few days that I have done the soda thing of late. :P

    3. Kmiller


      Im so sorry!!!!!! if you seen my older post of my story my ex set it up with one of his friends 

      i will find something soon 


    4. patriciag


      I found trying a new T to be helpful is before hand  write some things you want to talk  about, start with little things at first then go deeper if you you feel comfortable, that way you may feel more in control. This site is her for you to vent, never feel bad about it.   Patricia

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