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  1. I hope everyone is doing well! I have been having a tough time but I am going to share with everyone what I am doing to make the day not just okay but to feel confident. I look at myself and say I am BEAUTIFUL. I am  STRONG. I am AMAZING. When I start having the panic attack or even when I am angry I do this process. Breathe in for 4 to 8 count hold for 4 to 8 breathe out for 4 to 8 count how ever long you can handle my co worker runs meditation classes and she has helped me with everything!!

    1. elisand


      i support u!

  2. Hello World,

    Today is finally a great day! Hope everyone is doing well. Hope y'all have an amazing weekend!!!!:dance:


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    2. Kmiller
    3. Free2Fly


      It does seem to help a little yeah :)  :dance:

    4. Kmiller


      YAY if you need to extend the time go ahead! 

      anytime I see my attacker in public I do it and I don't freak out as bad 

  3. Hello all,

    I am sorry I have been gone. If anyone needs to talk I will be here as much as possible.

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    2. Free2Fly


      How u doing? :) 

    3. Kmiller


      I am well how are you?

    4. Free2Fly


      That's good, not good honestly, doing really badly after the anniversary of being sa'd 3 years ago. :( 

  4. It has been a long time. I am sorry I am not on here more. I will try and make this a daily thing!

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    2. Kmiller


      Why thank you. hope all is as best as it can 

    3. KendraPal33


      Welcome back!

    4. Kmiller


      Thank you! I missed it here 

  5. I feel all I do on here is vent but that's what this site is all about trying to reach out for help but I don't know what else to do i have to schedule a few appointments an ob I have not gone in almost 2 years due to the attack and i am really scared i don't want anyone down there i am freaking out also i have to see a new therapist the other one that the government gave me was not working and i am just freaking out it doesn't help that i had a trigger going out in public for the first time alone how can i think that talking to a stranger about this will help sorry that this is all i do i just can't handle this alone soon will be the anniversary of that bad day i seem to be crying more get more panic attacks and im on here more hoping to talk to someone that has been stronger and gotten alot better i dont feel alone but i don't want to have to berdon my mom or my boyfriend even tho they are more than supportive and talk to me  but i feel like i am hurting them in the process i know my step dad cries when he thinks about it i dont want them to be sad anymore    

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    2. Kmiller


      thank you i will try i just keep having triggers especially at school today


    3. Nightdominia


      I'm sorry your ex did that to you. Makes ya want to slap the ever living dog doo out of him, but can't. As for my stuff it's ok. I've been coping with my abuse for 23 years or so now. I agree on what Patricia said about the T thing too. Most of the ones I've been to have been a waste of time, so don't be afraid to grill the heck out of them to make sure they are a good fit and will be helpful is all I'll say.

    4. Kmiller


      thank you everyone i am going to try new things i need to get a handle on this i know that soon it will be 2 years now and it will take a lot of time thank you 

  6. Having a tough time  today i dont know why but i am feeling down about myself 

    does anyone get like this?


    1. fallenstar


      Yes I've been like this for about a week now. Hope you have support during this period. 

    2. Kmiller


      thank you I do i am just scared to see dr's


    3. Kmiller


      and i hope you feel better i am going to try and work out when i wake up i did yoga lastnight 


  7. School day today. I have missed a few days now it is time to catch up!!!! wish me LUCK

  8. doing so much better than the last time I have been on here. I have been  doing nothing but working out doing homework and hanging out with my love and family when I started this website I felt like I had no one that will help me in this tough time but I do my family and my boyfriend have been doing nothing but supporting me also I am getting help with the PTSD I guess I have

    anyone need someone to talk to i will try my best to get on here more