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  1. Hey, Vivance. I believe I responded to you in another thread already, but hello and nice to meet you.
  2. Hi, FlippantPancake. Your introduction really resonated with me, as it is close to my own feelings. Hopefully this first step will lead to greater things.
  3. Welcome, Silverthorne. I know how you feel. I am active on a lot of forums for my interests and have no problem sharing but here I feel a bit floofy about it, even though based on what I've seen, it's a nice enough place. Cheers to a fruitful adventure here and wishes for a speedy appointment with a support worker.
  4. You can call me Junior. I just turned 27 and after spending almost all of those years confused, in denial, and otherwise not dealing with what happened to me, I've decided to get some dialogue about it going. I really don't have anywhere or anyone else to go to about it, partially contributing to the very long wait. I don't have any expectations about where posting here will take me, but after internalizing for so long, I'm finally willing to find out. See you all out there.
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