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  1. Today marked the six year anniversary of the event that changed my life (acquaintance/date rape). More than that, that event created a lifestyle of fear. I let friends, though looking back they weren't even that, use me because saying no made me afraid. Afraid that if they didn't listen, I would go through this all over again. My friends now tell me that this made me strong, and though i struggle to love the person I am today, I hate the flashbacks, the guilt, the discredit I was given. Though I will always hate how much he hurt me, what he did to my life, my trust, and my strength is what I h
  2. I told my best friend I finally reached out for help. Six years later, but better late than never. She's never felt so relieved.

  3. Hi Purpledaisies, I don't think you are a failure either. We have all been through traumatizing experiences that we sometimes need a go-to. For a while I used drugs as a clutch as well. I used adderall to stay awake and ambien to fall asleep religiously. Anything to get my mind away from flashbacks or dreams or memories. Its not wrong of you and you don't have a serious problem, just try to make sure that it doesn't become a serious problem in the future. If you are relying on it too much, reach out.
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