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    im a highschool student in NY...im a SR...ive been accepted to a world class culinary school to follow my dreams...and i love to cook and bake...i also am a competive fencer with my high school team! ilove my friends and my family..they are great...and i guess thats it for now

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  1. hey u all!! you totally should have a teen to supervise this topic!! we know all the chat lingo!!! lol but hree is my fave lolsmtmmacomn=laughing out loud so much that my milk almost came out my nose lol
  2. hi justmom welcome to the site my name is emily im 16 and i was abusedby a long timefirend....i cans ee how hardthis is for you cuz ionly just told my parents about....nearly 6 years of constant abuse and 2 more of occasional abuse...andi know how hard itis for you togo through all of this i have two things to tell you 1) remember that your daughter is hurt and confused by all of this..she was 10, and that is confuzing at anyage, just remember to show her your uncondtional love 2) have you considered bring here to see if she would like to talk. meet people whohave been through similar th
  3. SLG!!! i love you!! and now two things to make you smile lol i love you!!!!!
  4. Swordgirl


    hi..my name is emily..and i was in a relationship that had around 6 years of abuse...started emotional...then went to physical then to sexual abuse..and he raped me....and when i started highschool i hid all of it so i wouldnt have to deal with it...the story is kinda complicated..but i guess they all are...and recently i told a teacher i trust about what went on...and they school had to tel my parents...and so now im on the rollercoster of emotion of facing all of it...i have huge trust isses...and im jsut looking for a place where people know how i feel and can help me to feel better....abou
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