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  1. Janey, welcome to AS!!!!!!! You are not the only one who has felt alone or freakish... we all have at some point (any one of you who disagrees can give me grief about it later)... AS is a wonderful place, and you'll fit right in- no worries. Again, welcome! Xoxo, Amanda
  2. AS is a safe place to come and get the love tha toyu need. welcome!
  3. hi tiger. welcome to AS. i hope that you find the love and support that you are here for. xoxo, amanda
  4. welcome... i hope that you find what you are looking for here. we are here for you. xoxo, amanda
  5. hi amanda... welcome to AS. it's a really great place. i am here if you ever wanna talk. xoxo, amanda (heehee, i have the same name as you!!!)
  6. heyla! first off, welcome to AS. i am so sorry about what has happened to you, but this is such a wonderfully healing place. okay, well, i am in the process of pressing charges myself. my rape was a year ago, so it is much more complicated than most cases. but all i can say to help is that you have to keep asking questions. make sure that you keep yourself updated- make phone calls to the detectives to see what is happening. i know you said you are not patient, but you have to be. things like this can take forever, name or no. just know that they are doing the best they can to help you fin
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