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  1. Hi Kimberly, Thanks for writing your post. I fell exactly how you do, but I don't know how to even bring up the subject. You are brave, I wish I could be, but I'm so scared. My husband seems a lot like yours, he is gentle and loving, but I want to be possessed like you said. I am trying not to go to Internet porn, I tend to get addicted to it, and it isn't " scratching the itch" anyway. Just feel like- why did I have to do that?- afterward. Good for you, you should be proud of yourself, that musta sucked. And not in the good way. Flo
  2. Flodearnley

    Living In The Past..

    Sm28, that is absolutely horrifying, I am so sorry you had that happen to you. It is not your fault, I hope you know that. Thanks for telling us. Flo
  3. I want you to keep writing, I am glad you are here
  4. I'm just "that" girl too. Sucks. Always on the outside looking in, my own doing so that is convenient for my self hatred to bloom. I honestly hate myself, and everyone else too. I don't think I have ever been or ever will be happy, but other ppl on this site seem to have found some kind of peace, so i won't give up, hope you won't either. Thanks for sharing, Flo.
  5. It's like you are reading my mind. I feel exactly the same as you. Wish I had some words of wisdom, but I have nothing. Hope you feel better, Flo.
  6. Hi krista, I am new too, and tech-challenged as well. I think I need to tell my story too, but I don't know how. Welcome anyway!
  7. Thanks patriciag. I think I want to tell my story, but I don't know how. Any ideas, tips on how to get started?
  8. Reglois, you too! Thank you
  9. Hi mebemary, thanks! This place is so helpful, I didn't know how much I needed to talk to people who unfortunately know how I feel. Wish I joined sooner! Thanks for responding, appreciate it!
  10. Can anyone see these posts? I feel stupid and invisible

    1. patriciag


      These post can be seen if someone checks your profile, you are not invisible and not stupid, I still have a hard time finding my way around

  11. Going to tbtn vigil tomorrow, freakin out

  12. Going to tbtn vigil, petrified.

  13. Thanks for the advice, the touch advice is something I already do, I just didn't realize I was doing it. Now I can use it consciously to calm me down. Makes me feel less crazy.
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