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    i like playing guitar and sports like basketball and hockey and i like spending time with my big brother

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  1. jack12


    im new here too and people are real nice here so far. i hope you like it here too, they got lots of cool stuff
  2. jack12

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    im new here too, i only been here for a few days but people are being really nice to me. they got lots of cool smiley faces here too like this one i hope you like it here too
  3. jack12


    im sorry if i do this wrong i dont usually post stuff on sites but it says you got to if you wanna talk in the chat room so im gonna try. im a boy and im 21 years old. i live in the US in new england but im not gonna say what state if thats ok. please let me know if i do anything wrong im gonna try to be good and follow the rules i read all of them. thank you for reading my post
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