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  1. Emmy091796


    Its hard to trust anybody especially after abuse has occured. I know for me it was a big step that I'm still not fully comfortable with. As for that guy just stay away from him.
  2. Good luck with everything I hope you continue to find peace
  3. That was beautiful I wish I had the courage to write a letter like this. I'm not strong enough yet but I hope to in the future
  4. Emmy091796

    The Beginning

    Thank you for sharing. I was also raped by a family member and the betrayal was one of the hardest parts other than ofcourse the rape itself. I hope in sharing you feel a little bit better about all of it. im also here for support..
  5. I'm glad she caught that. Good luck I hope you find peace
  6. No its not I have a perfect relationship and family and I'm about to ruin it with the past and not knowing if I be alone am I gonna be OK. I feel like a shitty person too but I'm not happy where I am and I need to fix that. Everything will be okay if you need to talk you can message me
  7. Emmy091796

    I Can't

    Thanks that helps i just hate feeling that my relationship is gonna end because of me
  8. Emmy091796

    I Can't

    Usually I go swing when I'm upset but today it just drove me further from my family. I feel this overwhelming amount of depression. IT's getting in the way of my relationship with my husband. I feel he could do so much better than me.to be honest I'm starting to feel like a drone day in and day out. I feel like maybe some space or a break from each other might help. I honestly don't want to confront him with that I know it would kill him that's I just don't know What to do anymore. Maybe I'm not meant to be with anyone I've been with him going on 5 years and he hasn't done anything wrong other
  9. Emmy091796


    Yeah I look but for some reason dancing in the darkness feels warm I gues. the site has encouraging information and I really like the name and the backgroun. When I see the name or think about it (Dancing in the darkness) it's such a perfect statement describing me.
  10. It happens a lot more than people realize we just learn to move on or try our best too
  11. It wasn't your time yet but don't be discouraged in trying sexual things with your partner.things will get better
  12. it will be OK if he can't handle your problems as a team together as you should for him then he doesn't need to be there but keep trying and see What happens
  13. Emmy091796


    I found this chat group through an old website called dancing in the darkness. It helps me a lot to read everybody's stories and there's sadly hundreds of stories on that site that I can relate to. It really encourages me to keep going I still go to that site even though nobody's wrote on it since 2006. Is that healthy or OK?
  14. Emmy091796


    Yes I agree. My husband knows Everything and he's still here and that's What really count. my problem is inner turmoil also it is so hard to get comfy with someone and even when you do your still not positive of trust for a while. But it will be OK and things will get better
  15. There are things my parents don't know like some sexual abuse when I was a child I won't ever tell them. It is not your fault nobody knows when these things are going to occur. We just have to live with it try to move on the best we can.if you need to talk feel free to message me
  16. Today I realized that loving my husband and dealing with my past can be hard. He tries to understand the best he can but he hasn't been through it so it's hard. He's a great listener. It gets hard to not let your past get in the way of your Love life. I still have nightmares and flash backs and panic attacks. I just try to get through it
  17. Emmy091796


    I've had those problems also. It's really hard there's times I don't want anything to do with intimacy then there's times when I want Nothing but intimacy. just breathe and tale it easy let him know What's comfortable and What's not. Things will get better
  18. I feel that way some times too. Yesterday day a girl was sitting next to me and I felt like I couldn't breathe but I forced myself to just stay calm.it will be OK just keep trying
  19. I've been feeling lost lately I've had a couple of things happen over the years but I've never felt so out of place with my life. if anybody has any advise please help.

    1. justablur


      I wish I had some magic words for you but I don't. I will say don't hide away from the world. There are still good things in it. I realized I myself was hiding from the world so today I'm going to hang out with my friends. I'm going to go do something "normal" Some days you have to keep telling yourself that for every one person that would hard you there are a hundred that wouldn't even think it about doing so none the less actually do it. *hugs*

    2. Emmy091796


      it's harder to connect with family or friends they haven't been through rape or sexual abuse

  20. Emmy091796


    can anyone private message me soon as possible o would really like someone to talk to that understands
  21. I think you should tell him. One thing I learned is never keep a secret with your significant other. It's probably really hard for the story to exit your thoughts and into someone else's but you will eventually want to tell him. I hope I helped in some way.
  22. Emmy091796


    Life after all the tragedies.
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