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  1. Sharing the load sums it up perfectly jenn. The site is already helping me feel like I belong somewhere! Best wishes with your healing
  2. It is. At the moment I'm just overwhelmed by the number of survivors out there and am scrolling through lots of the site and wishing I'd found it a long time ago. It seems really silly but I've never really thought about the rest of the world... and what may or may not have happened to other people out there... this has always been something I've dealt with privately and with a small wonderful network of close supporters. Its always been a very personal horror. Realising that there are thousands of people out there living and breathing and struggling and healing, like me, is upsetting - this
  3. Thank you. Its amazing to me what a warm welcome everyone seems to get here. I never realised there are so many of us out there.
  4. I'm here after a long time of hiding from what has happened to me. I signed up to the site a while back and have been reading the forums waiting for what felt like the right moment to get involved. Now feels right. My life is getting on track but I'm could certainly use some support. I'm hoping this is my first post of many!
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