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  1. Wow, I haven't logged in here for a while but to see this post has just given me a huge bit of reassurance that I needed. I have often said he took something from me that night (those nights) but I couldn't explain it all, I often say I don't trust people but it's definitely my ability to judge I don't trust, I have also lost many friends, my degree and opportunities 😞💜
  2. I regretted reporting it for a long time and then I regretted not taking it further, on Friday I did something for me, I applied to the police for any information they had regarding me and the report I made. Not sure what I'm going to do if any information comes back. I'm hoping they have my original report.
  3. lulo18

    The Start

    I joined a few days ago and have been reading through some of the entries on the forums. I admire you all. You say and write the words that I can't. You explain things that no one else has. Maybe in time I can write down how I feel about what happened and how I feel now. This is the start, thanks for your support
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