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  1. You Are worth something, you are important, you are strong, you are loved. You are strong, you can come through the woods, small steps, each day by day, believe in your inner strength, and it will come out. Life is never easy, but you must not let it bring you down, you are allowed to feel crap, you are allowed to have bad days, but look for the good in yourself, And look positively to the future. Believe in yourself.
  2. Hi sorry to here what you've been through. You seem a strong person, keep positive, if you have any one to whom you can talk too, then do. Where I live there's a women's shelter that support women in crises, that is who I truned to for help. Also go to your doctor he might be able to direct you to support groups perhaps. Good luck, keep strong and positive.
  3. Hello Welcome, sorry to hear about your story, well done for opening up a a bit you are reaching out, I am new to this as well, as a mum who's daughter wAs abused by her cousin as a child I know how you feel. An abuser do know what they are doing, may not why, but they are responsible for their actions. My daughter abuser has denied that he took advantage of her when she was just 7. My daughter is now 24 and it has hurt her all her life till now, and she is facing it now. You are 16, so young, is there anyway you can talk to some one at college or school, you could get help if you want.
  4. Hi reglois Thank you, my daughter was seven when it happens to her by her cousin, and she is now 24, it has hit her hard over the last year and Half, she told us last November and we are helping her through it. She's strong but does have her very bAd days, like this Monday. She is seeing a councillor and has reported it. It's only been five months since she has spoken to us and the police last month so it is early days for us. She feels she would like to go to a group where she can talk to other people in the same life experience as her, but there are no such groups here in England, uk, we
  5. Hi I am new to this, just want to here from any other secondary survivors out there. I'm a mum helping a daughter cope with here experience. Any advice on how other parents have got through their child's experience.
  6. Hi holly this this is my first time using this site too, as a secondary survivor of achild who was raped. I hope to find other people in my situation too, all I can say is be strong each day,
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