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  1. I have become a master at juggling. Court cases, friends, "recovering", school, internship, work, the list goes on and on. It feels impossible to keep them all up in the air and I know that one is going to fall taking the rest down with it. I just want to get out of this mad house and feel like myself again. It infuriates me that I did nothing wrong here and yet I am having to deal with all the fallout. thats all for now because I dont know where to go from here. (trying to) just keep swimming N
  2. youjustmight62

    The Start

    I am also new to this site and I feel the same way! Know that this is completely safe and I have received nothing but support and understanding through this page whether it is direct comments or just putting in my perspective on a topic. I hope and know that things will get better for you-We are here for you! N Just keep swimming
  3. This has been the first bad dream in awhile. It's the one place where my mind seems to accept what has happened to me. It was scary and terrifying and I don't know how to stop it from happening. It has surpassed just reliving the event, or hearing his voice. It is people talking to me about it-judging me and telling me I should have been more careful-done something to stop it. I know it's just a dream but it's like getting assaulted over and over again. When will I finally start to feel like myself? Just keep swimming N
  4. The only reason I reported it was the hope that I would stop him from ever doing it again. But it is difficult to say the least. It is draining and humiliating and the hardest thing I think I will ever have to do. This is coming from somebody who is in the middle of the process so I still hold that hope that I won't regret it in the end.
  5. Thank you Baijingai! I can already feel the amazing support from this community and feel very lucky that I have found it
  6. Hi there! This is my first time on this website and I am really hoping that I can find some help here. It has been about 4 months since it happened. I still feel just as lost, confused, and hurt as I did the day it happened. I am pulling from wells of strength that I didn't know I had and i'm not sure how much longer they will last me. The pressure I feel, the lies that have been told, the hurtful things that have been said... I am tired of pretending that everything is okay-I know that I am not okay. I hope this is the first step in changing that. Just keep swimming ~N
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