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  1. you will find people here have gone through less then you and some more then you, but we all care equally about you and will support you in any way we can. I held inside me what had happened to me for over 50 years and being here with the support I finally opened up and it help me deal with and moved me to move on. But I still feel like this is the family I need to cope with every day things. good luck to you and we are glad you are here.
  2. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  3. I wish their was someone here that could help me, hell I wish I just had a friend. someone to just talk to but I guess that in itself would be something else.

  4. I don't remember earlier then 4 but I am sorry it happened to you to we have both survived the hell now we need to heal. if you need to talk or just vent I am here. best hopes and wishes to you

    1. akgirl07


      I appreciate your kind words.  I am sorry for what you've been through.  

  5. WECOME to the family. we all here will do our best to help.
  6. WELCOME !! Mine happened over 40 years ago and this place and the people here has helped. my best to you.
  7. welcome kssaints. If you can learn to understand people suffering like must with out have been a survivor yourself, more power to you. We survivors need a outside voice because must of us fell that we are not heard when we speak out about our abuse. And anyone that is willing to try I am all for it. again Welcome to our family
  8. Welcome back, your story gives me hope. Im 54 and your strength gives me a good outlook.
  9. Welcome to new friends that can and will help you get through the hard times because most of us has been were your at. It takes time to deal am like you, mine happened over 40 years ago and it is still hard to deal with at times. if you need anything, all you have to do is say and we all here will do our best to help. Again Welcome GRAMPS
  10. it also goes for females, all have hurt me!
  11. gramps53

    Military Sexual Assaults

    what are you looking for and what will come from the info ?
  12. me I was reg army got out in 1980 welcome to AS from another ex-military
  13. we from day to day must try to climb the mountain and sometimes we lose our footing and then sometimes we fall that is what makes us survivors and we keep climbing no matter who or what gets in our way. your birthday is another foot or hand hold for your climb, you will make it. hold on tight and fight that's the survivor way. and happy birthday.
  14. wishing you the best and hope you find the support you need
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