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  1. I would never regret reporting it. I tried to set an example for other women who weren't so fortunate or brave to report. I suffered a terrible loss in the end, I didn't get the justice I deserved. My case was very public so I also received degrading comments. Still, I regret nothing. I tried my best, I held my breath, I fought hard, and I am not going to let this ruin me from obtaining the closure I deserve.
  2. I am a survivor of rape and a victim of the consequences of rape. I was sexually assaulted. I feel it. Believe it. That was more than 5 words I know, but my offender is too dense to understand concepts that consist of less than 10 words..
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to this. It happened about two weeks ago and my mental health is beginning to go downhill. Everyone thinks I'm the strongest person on the planet but they really have no idea what happens in my mind or how I really feel. I have to be strong for everyone and show no fear and I hope this place can be my safe haven where I can let it all out. I keep saying that no one can help me with the flashbacks, the paranoia, and the depression but maybe this place can reduce the tension in my head. I have so much support but yet I feel so alone. I have a court date very soon and I'm desperate for encouragement and advice. Please help. Thank you.
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