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  1. eskiers

    I'm New

    Welcome to After silence
  2. I feel young 16.. thats.. almost 30 :inn:
  3. nice thread. hmm lets see "Are you sure he just wasnt curious, i mean my brother showed me his winky when he was little" ~mom yes well did he proceed to make you touch him and then touch you.. oh and can you really be "curious" at 16 really. "dont tell anyone itll ruin our family"~mom oh.. ok that helps so now im the dirty family secret. kthx my friend is always trying to put his hand on my shoulder and i always freak out and back away and several times hes said "jeez whats wrong your brothers touch you when you were little" yes.. well as a matter of fact... "shes fully capable of getting a boyfriend, she just needs to stop being so sad or shell be alone forever" well ya know what if we could all just be happy all the time i think we would. people say some stupid stuff sometimes.
  4. welcome. hope you find this place helpful and friendly
  5. eskiers


    hi. Im new here. ive been looking for a place to talk about things with people that understand what im going through. im glad i found here
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