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  1. Welcome to AS, I hope u find the support and compassion u need!
  2. Welcome to AS hon! I hope u find the compassion and support I have here!
  3. Welcome to AS, I hope u find the compassion and support that I have here!
  4. nope never seen that before, sorry?
  5. Chrissy


    Hi Becca, I just want you to know that I felt the same exact way you do when I first got here. I felt lost and scared and weak. I had always been the strong one, the best at everything I did and now I am so sad and scared and weak that I am not myself anymore. But you will find so much compassion and support here at AS, the people here are so great! Welcome and congrats for posting!
  6. Hi there spiral sun! Welcome to AS!
  7. Atcha, Hi there and welcome to AS! I am so sorry about what you and your boys are going through. We are here to offer you as much support as you need!
  8. Hi Haley, Welcome to AS, glad you found us too! We are here to listen, so you are not alone.
  9. Welcome to AS ash! Whenever youa re ready, we are here! Do not ever think you are unworthy, you are the survivor, the strong one!I understand what you mean, its hard not to feel that way, but when I am on here with these wonderful people, I dont feel ashamed or lonely! I hope you find the compassion and support I have here!
  10. Hi Voiceless, welcome to AS! Dont worry, no one here cares about your spelling, etc! We are here to help you and support you whenever you need it! I hope you find the compassiona and support I have here!
  11. Chrissy


    Hi Emily, welcome back sweetie! Of course it is okay! We are here for you when ever you need us, whether its every day or every 3 months!
  12. Welcome to AS Gabreal! I know how you feel sweetie! I am still to nervous to go to a therapist and this is the only place I feel comfortable talking! So I hope you find the compassion and support that I have here!
  13. Hi there Raven! Whenever you are ready, we are here to listen! Glad to have u back!
  14. Hi there, Welcome to AS! So glad you found this wonderful, supportive community! We are here whenever you need to talk! I hope you find AS the supportive, compassionate place I have!
  15. Welcome to AS Isabelle! I felt the same way when I found everyone here! I cannot say enough great things about the people I have met on AS! I hope you find the compassion and support I have here!
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