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  1. I have the same numbness sometimes. I have found for me, as hard as it can be, getting out of the house and in a different environment helps. I have certain "triggers" that bring the experience back to me. I usually have a close friend or family member with me in case I freak out. If I don't do this I end up trying not to think about it, which of course does the exact opposite and I can't get it out of my mind.
  2. jjy

    Body Image

    I can totally relate. I remember scrubbing myself down in the shower at the hottest temp I could get it to. Trying to scrub layers away. I did this multiple times a day somehow feeling emotionally I could wash the filth I felt like away. Every time I saw myself in the mirror I would cry instead of smiling like I used to. I hated myself, hated him too, but felt like it was all my fault. I hid my skin, wore winter clothes even when it was warm outside. I quit dressing cutely for fear of attracting men. I felt ugly so I quit caring. That nagging thought in the back of my mind continually saying "
  3. jjy


    I am so glad to have found this site. It makes me *understand*, not just know I am not alone.
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