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  1. Howdy Beau, welcome. What are you studying in uni (if that's not too much personal information, just making conversation ^.^) I'm almost finished the first year of a teaching course.
  2. As was said, regardless of what it was or wasn't, if you're feeling conflicted or hurt you're in theright place to talk through it and try to get your head around it. Good for you I was hurt nearly 20 years ago and only started properly facing it this year, so you're really doing well. Will see you round I'm sure. *passes the welcome cookies and a hug in case it's needed*
  3. In case anyone's worried, Dante is my "alter-ego", not my real name ^.^ Always good to be reminded of security, easy to forget such things once you get comfortable in a place.
  4. I'm not who I was or I am better than you
  5. That's cool, thanks Terra I see the chatroom is kinda .. not so busy. Does anyone use it or is it largely a relic of busier times?
  6. It's funny, I was so psyched to join last night, but sleep intervened, and now I dunno what to say. I'm kinda a mess, I was first abused in my first relationship when I was 12, had some unhealthy relationships, and then abused again when I was 26. Ironically it was that last one that made me aware of the first one. Anyway it's been a few years since, and I'm still reeling from it, hence the limbo of the name, so looking for somewhere to meet people and feel less alone. I watch some TV, play some video games, do some stuff. I dunno if I'm ready to be too open yet with too much. Feel a bit expos
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