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  1. Everyone should try historical fencing. SO MUCH FUN!

    1. Painnbroken


      Actually it sounds like fun :)

  2. tw for suicide on Sherlock. Coulda done with one. First outright panic attack I've had since August. Goddamn TV.

    1. limbodante


      It's not at all your fault, I've been waiting a year for Sherlock to come back on, I was gonna watch it anyway. Nobody's fault but the BBC's.

    2. LuthienTinuviel


      yeah. :( i knew things were going to be more serious and dark but this was graphic 

    3. Me89


      That's the worst, when it comes out of nowhere. Hope you're doing better now.

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  3. *is loved and doesn't know how to handle it*

  4. Is Will smith's "Hey hey" "game" remotely appropriate? :/

    1. LuthienTinuviel
    2. limbodante


      Sorry for not posting a trigger warning, I hope this doesn't upset anyone who reads it beyond the justified disgust/disappointment.

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      I forgive you. If you were saying it differently it would be different like if you wanted t0 do it etc

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  5. If you're seeing this I hope your day didn't suck *hugs*

    1. snmls


      Thanks for the hugs. 

    2. loveable


      Thanks for the hugs, unfortunately my day sucked :( Those hugs were needed


    3. limbodante


      Sorry to hear that loveable *more hugs*

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  6. G'morning. I hope things are as beneficial as you hope they will be. Some would consider it bold that you've put up a picture of yourself as your avatar (I assume it's you,) and that's awesome, it suggests you're ready to jump in with both feet and deal with stuff head on. That's strength and chutzpah, that is. It'll serve you well I'm sure
  7. Looks like you just introduced yourself and posted just grand :D Welcome
  8. I think I just had a dissociative episode of sorts while shopping.. I got so disoriented and completely lost track of where I was, just froze up in the middle of the store. Then finished up and wound up spending £45. Approximately £35 more than I'd intended :P Part of my brain doesn't know what money is.. that's buggered my finances for the next week.

  9. Howdy WM. Wilkommen. To get an avatar themed wotsit you need to upload a picture to a third party site like erm... p.. my brain's just gone. photo... photobucket, that's the swine. That one. Then get the url and paste it into your profile to link directly to the picie.
  10. Lungs are absolutely wrecked. Doctor says it's not an infection but there are moments when I wonder whether I should be in hospital. Getting asthma attacks every time I go outside after noon when the air goes super cold. Ugh. That's why I've not been around much anyway, not much spare energy to be supportive, sorry for anyone who's been hoping to bump into me in chat. Will be back properly soon hopefully. Maybe another few days of chugging ventodisk inhalers will give my lungs the message they should shut up sometime :P

    1. LuthienTinuviel
    2. Hawkgirl


      Hang in there Dante. 

    3. limbodante


      Bit better today but throat is still killing me. So fed up of being completely debilitated :( Thanks for the messages peeps

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  11. Be careful with that way of thinking, though. There ARE people who have it worse, but that doesn't mean you're sat in front of the TV with a bowl of cherries, yknow? We all struggle from time to time, try to resist the inclination, natural to our stoopid mammalian brains, to categorise and rank. We're all here coz badness happened. That's all. Don't ever be afraid to seek support as if you have no right to complain, mkay? We're here for you
  12. A couple of years ago I read about a new form of psychotherapy in which comic books and video games etc were used as kinda analogues to the individual's own story. I've used it myself in therapy (the T laughed coz she was terrible :P) when I said I feel like Batman, like the only sane (yknow, comparatively) person in a city of evil people, fighting daily but not really believing I'll win anymore. I find it interesting that you'd talk about it like he who must not be named, that's a very apt um.. metaphor? Simile? (It's near 5am and my words don't work so good.) Anyway, welcome, we've spoken in
  13. People ask me how I'm so awesome, and I say "I dunno, this conversation isn't real. Have a cookie."

  14. You sound like a fighter I hope you find the support you could do with here, welcome to the board
  15. Howdy, ollieback, welcome. You don't have to share anything you don't want to (I still haven't shared my story anywhere), you can take things at your own pace, watch for a while, get a feel for the place. Get to know folks before you open up and stuff. It's nice here :3
  16. Hey Robinson, good to meet another male survivor. I'm sorry for what brought you here, but hope you find the support you need and look forward to getting chatty with ye.
  17. Share your excitement with the wrong people, and they will take you at the fucking knees.

    1. Unsettled
    2. Throne


      What happened, dante? Did it have to involve what we were talking about yesterday -- cooking for you family? :(

    3. limbodante


      Yes and no. tw for bad language ahead:

      I was SUPER psyched this morning, bought the ingredients, had the recipes, the notes ready, I was READY. Then told a friend about it, saying my brother ranted about veganism in the car the other day which made me feel like shit, and he said he'd add his own rant. To sum up what he said, vegans are pretentious cunts, delusional that they're helping the environment when in fact they're making it worse than meat eaters, and may they all die in a fire and go fuck themselves. A deep depression followed. I'm still really hurt by it.

  18. All the best to thee and thine, mate. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find helpful information and support here.
  19. I'm sorry you need to find a place like this, but now you're here, welcome ^_^
  20. It's a crying karaoke kind of night. Damn you, Eric Clapton.

  21. I just slept ten hours, the most sleep I've had in weeks. I feel bloody awful lol. Time for coffee and stretching. I send hugs to all ^_^

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