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  1. New, and with good taste in video games, I assume :) You're in a decent place. I'm sorry you were hurt so young, but if you've found your way here you'er reaching out, and that means getting back on your feet, you're on the right path.


  2. You already started healing when you made the decision to reach out :) It'll be an ongoing thing from here. The journey tends to be messy, but you've got a few hundred regular members on your side to help you through it.

  3. You have cats and bikes in your life and you need help on top of that? Like there's anything better we could offer than that xD

    Nobody's good at reaching out really until they practice for a while, it's a good step that you've started now, I know you'll get some good support here. And don't mind my being flippant, humour is just how I cope, I don't mean anything by it ^_^ Nice to meetcha.

  4. Ahoy hoy, Em, welcome to the shindig. Sucks that you got an invite to this particular party but it's nice of you to show up :) Socially awkward? Hell, you'll fit right in, that's something you're guaranteed to have in common with just about all of us lol smalltalk is easy when nobody knows how to make it, you can comment on the curtains and we'll just be grateful someone's saying something :3

  5. Within Temptation, golly effing gosh it's been ages since I last listened to them! To the youtubemobile!

    I've heightened my vocal range considerably by singing along to Steam Powered Giraffe and Poets of the Fall lol. SPG's Way Into Your Heart and Speed of Light, and Poets of the Fall's Cradled in Love and Daze. Great songs, much fun to belt out in the shower xD

    You say you're an open book but I still feel like it's prying, so you don't have to answer, but I'm interested in your experiences transitioning (do I read correctly that you're on HRT to become more masculine?) I have a friend who's FtM trans, currently going through the process of being allowed to start transitioning and stuff. Maybe better for a PM, or if we bump into each other in chat sometime, but for now I just wanted to confirm that's the case and it's ok to ask about it ^_^

  6. So many questions about things you've said that interest me, but I don't wanna interrogate you, I daresay we'll get to know each other in time. I also like to sing, I'm told I'm good at it but I think they say that to get me to stop "practising" xD What do you enjoy singing? I've recently discovered Disney musicals and summarily butcher them without exception, singing in entirely the wrong tune and rhythm, but I prefer my way :P

    Welcome to the site, I hope you havea productive time here.

  7. Wilkommen, bienvenue, velcooooome. AS chat is my online HQ, I'm there more often than not. Helps to hang out with folks who Get It. Nobody here has minimised my experiences or told me "it sucks, but it happens" like one of my ex-friends did. It's pretty neat :3

  8. Welcome. I hope you find the place helpful :3 I'm Dante, the resident slapstick sage. I like long walks in the moonlight, blueberry muffins, and snails. *shares muffins*

  9. Nobody's gonna judge you. If you blame yourself i recommend a thread called "a definition of consent for those struggling with self blame" or words to that effect. Tis a good read and helps a lot. You had no responsibility for what happened to you, it's all on whoever chose to hurt you. I hope in time you can let the self blame go. Welcome to the journey *hugs, if ok, and cookies*

  10. Don't feel bad for the language, I tell people "fuck you" any time they tell me it could be worse, and everyone from Hitler to God himself will be told the same thing because it's a useless, shitty, dangerous thing to say. It suggests you should just accept whatever happens because it's not as bad as it could possibly be. Yes, it probably could, I could have been dismembered and left behind a skip outside a Tesco, but yknow, that doesn't mean that what happened didn't SUCK. Besides, bad is relative. I find one kind of abuse way easier to heal from than another I've been through. That doesn't make the first one EASY. It could've been worse. It still sucked. Arse to those people.

    Indignation on the behalf of you and everyone who's been told it could be worse (translation to me: stop whining about it) aside, I'm sorry you went through what you did.  I dunno if it's harder or easier knowing he didn't intend it that way or whatever, but if you didn't want it, it's an issue, and that hurts. No amount of platitudes is gonna help that. I hope you find something that does.

  11. G'morning. I hope things are as beneficial as you hope they will be. Some would consider it bold that you've put up a picture of yourself as your avatar (I assume it's you,) and that's awesome, it suggests you're ready to jump in with both feet and deal with stuff head on. That's strength and chutzpah, that is. It'll serve you well I'm sure :)

  12. 35 minutes ago, Jennmatters2016 said:

    Hello...I am brand new here. I suffer from very severe PTSD. I'm not sure how to introduce myself or post here. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Looks like you just introduced yourself and posted just grand :D Welcome :)

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