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  1. Who are you?

    Resilient to have survived this long. You don't survive abuse so long if you're not creative about how you cope. Creativity is what the world needs, problem solving. I can sense from your opening thread your warmth and friendliness. You're trusting and want to see the best in people, going by how soon you share your story. You have faith that you can get better, that suggests adaptability and an open mind. You're eloquent. You have a good vocabulary. You're focused to sit down and write this much. Something in your manner tells me you're a superb friend and wonderful person. You're determined and want to achieve.

    Our past makes us who we are, but what we focus on makes our future. I'm sure you have a lot of anxiety and fear, but you have so much more than the damage. You are, regardless of how you feel, a complete person. So you have issues. Everyone has issues. You have fire, I can tell that from your posts. You'll do great things, you have that potential.

    You are not your abuse, however much you're influenced by it. You're your own person, underneath the blankets abuse has wrapped around your mouth. Keep screaming, gnash them away. I know you're gonna win ^_^

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