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  1. I'm super depressed today so doing the only thing I can: picking fights with Donald Trump on Twitter ^_^

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    2. limbodante


      He's talking crap about Hillary Clinton so I asked if her getting away with stuff makes what he's done in his life ok. He said to ignore "sources say" in "Fake News" because it's usually made up, I commented "First honest thing I've ever heard you say." People are suing him for blocking them because as the president, what he says is political goings on and such and people have a right to see it, so it's a freedom of information issue xD Seems a fun time to needle him knowing if he blocks me it'll hurt his case lol

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      i think it would be fun to be blocked by trump. im disappointed he didnt block my bloody twitter video :P 

    4. fallenstar


      Hope you're feeling better Dante. :hug: He (Trump) is a big bully because of his pitiful insecurity. Sounds like he didn't answer your question but what else is new?

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