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  1. I'm super depressed today so doing the only thing I can: picking fights with Donald Trump on Twitter ^_^

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    2. oceonwaves


      sorry you are feeling depressed,  hope you are back to your amusing/ funny self soon.

       glad that you are having digs at Humpty Trumpty he cannot take any kind of criticism, hopefully he will block you :P freedom of speech I think he is under the impression it only applies  to himself and people that agree with him

      certainly not women , or any minority group, or the press.

    3. limbodante


      It'd be a shame in a way, the dude's comedy gold in tweet form. Still scary as hell as a president, but as a twitter numpty, he's right up there with James Blunt, if only for laughs but not wit :P The existential crisis, alas, continues with force. Back to ideation instead of counting sheep, but it's not intent, I'm still safe and stuff, worry not for old Dante :) I'm sure it'll pass, but will take one of me acute anxiety thingers in case it helps. Thanks for the well wishes, ocean and Star.

    4. StrugglingMama


      What a productive way to handle depression! LOVE IT


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