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  1. Apparently, sleep has become a problem.

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    2. LuthienTinuviel


      house md is no longer on netflix in my country lol

      hope you two can get some sleep :( insomnia stuff is awful

    3. oceonwaves


      sleep perchance to dream.

      Insomnia truly seems like a curse watched BBC documentary and it can be hereditary, I think mine is. 

      I am on USA time these days.  

    4. limbodante


      I've been largely on USA time since my teens lol but my cycle seems to be about six hours of sleep, fourteen hours awake. Though the last few days it's been four two hour naps over a 24 hour period. But that sort of stuff isn't considered at the medical board when they demand to know why you can't work :P Show me a job flexible enough to accept the way I sleep and I'd be grand. Alas, terminally out of work.

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