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    Also video gaming, martial arts, steampunk everything, and all the cool things awesome people do.

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  1. I try to be positive, I go out of my way to be energetic and friendly here because helping others makes me feel better myself, but tonight it's not happening. I'm so lonely in my life, I'm constantly ignored on okcupid, I'm thinking of the reason I'm here and how she has the other half of an amethyst pendant my dad gave me before he died and how wrong that feels.. I'm not teary yet but I'm feeling more fed up than I have for a long time. Something really has to give.

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    2. limbodante


      Your username is very apt, you're very weet. Thank you for your support. It's such a cliche, the "sad clown" arcehtype, but I've always felt it suits me perfectly. I am Pierrot, always making people laugh while pining for a woman who doesn't want him. The women have varied through the years, but the situation never changes. I laugh, I joke, but inside I'm screaming, and when the laughter stops, the silence crushes me.

    3. loveable


      *her mouth drops wide open while exclaiming "My god! your like the guy version of me!" Seriously! Wow! It's like you just put into words exactly why I am in this depression.

    4. loveable
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