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  1. Dear joey You been thru a lot growing up, but the one thing that was the worst was the sexual abuse you got from your dad. It left you with confusion, saddness, shame and guilt now as an adult. You don't deserve all those terrible emotions! You deserve to be mind free of all this cause it was not your fault. We need to stop making this hold you back in your life. You deserve to live a carefree life now, not locked up in these chains! I could imagine how confusing it was for you at that time, didn't know who to turn to, scared, lost, you poor thing! So sorry you went thru that, it must of been so hard. You was just looking to be loved! A happy go lucky normal innocent kid you were, not looking to start conflict, but just looking to be a kid and have fun! Unfortunately against your will these bad things happened to you, like the sexual abuse and there is nothing you could of done to change that, no kid could in your shoes. It was just bad luck! You were the victim, the innocent bystander, your dad was deceptive in his words, he knew what he was doing to keep you coming back for more. It was all plotted out by him and it's easy for an adult to deceive a child, an adult has so much more knowledge than any child, that's just how it goes. So it wasn't you being gullible, any kid would of fell for your dad's deception. You are not being selfish either by not reporting your dad, it's not an easy task for anyone who goes thru this. I understand he can hurt other victims if this stays quiet, like your brothers kids, but stop berating yourself about it and thinking you are selfish for keeping it to yourself, it's not that at all, it's such a delicate matter and in the wrong hands, your story, can drive you to hurt yourself or worst. So this is a truly serious matter, see it that way! Stop blaming yourself. Your gonna live a carefree life now, you'll work on this pain but you will aim toward carefree and no worries about this abuse. It'll take a bit of time but your so strong that you will overcome this! You got this joey!!! I love you always and forever! Love Myself
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