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  1. Hi Lucyloo and welcome to AS
  2. Hi New Girl and welcome to AS
  3. Hi Angie and welcome to AS
  4. Hi and welcome to AS. You deserve to be here because you deserve to heal.
  5. Hi and welcome to AS, DG. I'm around the same age 28 and just started "dealing" with my SA a little over a yr ago. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. Again welcome.
  6. Hi and welcome to AS. Glad you found us.
  7. Hi Mariposa and welcome to AS
  8. ...and we're not done yet. Hi Ellen and welcome to AS
  9. Others have offered advice so I'll just welcome you. I even made a sign
  10. Hi Milly and welcome to AS. Please take as much time as you need to look around and feel more comfortable
  11. Hi Athena and welcome back. Congrats on finishing grad school.
  12. afireinside


    Hi Hail and welcome to AS
  13. If you ever want to come back please do and know that we'll all be here to support you as we are now.
  14. afireinside


    Hi Ryno and welcome to AS
  15. Hi and welcome to AS. Like the username. Nicely describes a whole decade of my life. Take a chance on AS, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Nice to have you.
  16. Hi Probably and welcome back
  17. Hi Little Egg and welcome to AS and thank you for your kind words to one of my posts.
  18. Hi Christy and welcome to AS
  19. afireinside


    Hi Tati and welcome to AS.
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