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  1. Fantasygirl- It is hard to feel unsafe within the 4 walls that are supposed to be "home." How are we supposed to trust anybody outside, when the ones inside have hurt us enough?
  2. I know exactly how you feel. Any sense of home was violated for me, I don't trust and I'm terified to ever let someone close to me. If home is where the heart is, then I don't have one because my heart has been gone for so long.
  3. I was sexually abused for three years! And it started when when I was 11 and lasted til I was 14. And before that I was emotionally neglected by my parents. And everyday i ask my what would have happened is I had a different family, or if my brother never did those things to me. But I also have to believe that without those horrible experiesses, I would have ended up like my friends. And I'm not sure if that is good or bad. I don't want to be a nieve young teenager, but ant the same time I miss my innocence. I wish I was given a choice!
  4. I felt nothing for three years while I was being abusesd. And other than being numb I had sever depression and mild multi personality disorder. Not feeling the pain is great but the hard part is dealing with all the emotions when u start to feel again. And three years of hurt is a lot to deal with.mi wish u the best.
  5. I can understand. I was sexually abused by my big brother for three years. And While it was happening I was in middle school. And I had a mild case of multiple personality disorder. During the day I would forget everything and the second the lights went off in my room at night, I became someone else. Even today I still don't remember everything. And I'm still terrified, and have major trust issues.
  6. I've been recovering from sexual abuse by my big brother for less than 2 years now. I have depression and anxiety and my life couldn't be more complicated. I just want to say hi. I've never had anyone to talk to who could really understand my complicated situation. I still live with my brother along with my parents and my two other brothers, I'm working on forgiving him.
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